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Ratings: Access(1-5, 1=hard,5=easy, B=boat ), Entry (1-5, 1=hard,5=easy ), Surface Swim(1-5, 1=hard,5=easy ), Visibility(1-5,1=bad, 5=good), Marine Life (1-5, 1=low, 5=lots of life)
(In general, the higher the number, the better!)
B,B,B = boat dive
* = personal favorites


Deer Creek      5,4,5,3,4   kelp, rocky reefs, 8ft-35ft
Staircase         2,4,5,3,4  **nice kelp, rocky reefs, 10ft-40ft
Leo Carillo      3,3,5,3,3               kelp, rocky reefs, 10ft-35ft
Nicholas Canyon    3,3,4,3,3
El Matador        1,3,4,3,3
Zuma Beach Reef    3,4,2,2,2     deeper rocky reef, small, 45-50ft
Point dume canyon    4,4,3,3,1    very deep, easy access, 60ft-300ft
Point dume pinnacles ***    4,4,1,5,5  wow, top-notch site, 20ft-55ft, strong currents

Escondido Creek       3,4,3,2,2      kelp, vis can be low
Coral Beach         4,4,3,1,2             sand, some rocks
Malibu Beach     4,4,3,2,2             kelp, small reef, easy access, 25-30ft
Gorgonian City   2,3,3,2,4
Malibu Road     4,4,5,2,5              kelp, rocks and sand, shallow, lots of rockfish, horn sharks, 8ft-26ft
Big Rock     3,2,3,2,4                     rocks, nice pinnacles, 18ft-34ft
Las Tunas   3,3,3,2,2

Marina Harbor Breakwall   2,5,2,2,2

Hyperion Sewage Pipes   b,b,b,3,4

Redondo/Palos Verdes

Redondo Canyon ** 3,4,4,4,4            great night dive, deep, 22ft-135ft
Topaz Jetty   3,4,4,2,2
Malaga Cove   2,2,4,2,3                      shallow, kelp, rocks, 8ft-33ft
Haggerty's **     1,2,4,2,3                   nice kelp, rocks, 8ft-40ft
Christmas Tree Cove   1,3,3,3,3        rocky structure, better vis
Flat Rock  1,3,4,3,3
White Point  3,3,4,3,2
Point Vincente  1,3,4,3,4                       also called "Cardiac hill"
Marineland, "The point" ***   2,1,4,4,5    tons of nudibranchs and inverts, cold, 20ft-65ft
Marineland, "The cove"     2,2,3,3,3      rocky reef, 20ft-45ft

Avalon **         b,b,b,4,4                               wreck, boat access, 70ft
Palawan              b,b,b,4,3                               wreck, boat access, 110ft-125ft
Hermosa Artifical Reef     b,b,b,3,3
Redondo Artificial Reef    b,b,b,3,3

Star of Scotland                          b,b,b,2,4

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